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RDSG Starter Kit
Like many other people, I'm producing a set of buildings - ideally more or less unified in style - for other people to use. I'll collect images and descriptions here, since the in-game exchange images are limited. You can find these in-game by Richeldis of La Gorgue, prefaced with "RDSG Starter Kit". I will aim to provide buildings roughly suitable for a 2000 person city as standard, so that they exceed the capacities of the old-style without being prohibitively expensive for new players.


A smallish town hall in muted Gothic style, with a public square in front and a small garden at the back. Citizen posts allow people to sit on the bench and the garden gate at the back opens. The square can be easily removed to fit in an existing town plan; if retained, vehicles should be able to drive and land on it. No interior yet - likely to gain a single upper hall and a corridor from front to back door when I have time. Will replace these with daytime pictures.

[Image: il4wvUz.png]

[Image: SaW5w0Q.png]

[Image: wWzms0G.png]

[Image: ZGu7zQa.png]

Known bugs:
- Rear path is overgrown with grass.
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]

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