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Petition to Re-Add Tech Level
TL was a broken system. Patents as they are, are a broken system. Trading one broken system for a broken and defunct one is not progress. A complete replacement system should be developed before anything is changed but since Haxus is on track to put Hazeron on Steam, this will likely never happen.

That being said, I think we should consider species modifiers for things like culture and temperament. A culture that can pool all its resources into the pursuit of science probably isnt going to dedicate all of it to making pwnlazorz all in one go. Space is huge, even in Hazeron and nobody is going to be thinking about building massive glass cannons for fighting an intergalactic war. Empire modifiers along the lines of ethics choices in Stellaris come to mind. A culture that spends most of its time researching weapons isnt focused on developing medicines or efficient power generation, etc. so minmaxing your options to leverage all out war would leave your empire internally weak and susceptible to unconventional warfare like bioterrorism or your civilians are more likely to revolt under sustained bombing, etc.

That suggestion isnt meant to be taken seriously as it would require a massive rewrite of several game mechanics, but I do think its the only reasonable way to accomplish what the TL system meant to.
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(12-30-2018, 08:40 AM)SpaceGeek Wrote: Patents as they are, are a broken system.

The patent mechanics aren't broken, they are simply not interesting once you have them. The patents aren't meant to be a technology system, they only serve to hide advanced technology from the player until they have the advanced resources they need for it. A temporary discovery if you will.

My only issue with patents is that they are listed in all buildings and they use the normal manufacturing system. I would love to see all patents get move to the university and use a slightly different system then normal manufacturing processes. A nice graphical tech tree so you can see which patents and resources lead to what.
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Actually read that whole thread maybe:

A real technology system can easily be added alongside the patents without any issue.
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What has been done is done; the amount of lost time has reached the top. Time of choices is over: I miss the original SoH game, BUT the Steam launch process is runing . Accept this fact and enjoy the game for what it is
You can count me on that opposed list. As a new player back when TL and QL was a thing. It never really felt fun to progress. More like a chore, while praying to the RNG Jesus. And if you weren't careful. The Tech Disk would get consumed. And you had to do it again...? If I remember correctly.

I think a tech tree, along the lines of what DeanTwo is suggesting, is a much better option. And would possibly be more intuitive for new players.
Most people would already be familiar with how a tech tree works.

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