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Client crash after entering wormholes
My Client is crashing when I go down a wormhole  (PNN engine).   The windows client simply closes without freezing or the typical windows crash/error handling.
When I log back on I have arrived at the destination system with no issue.

Frequency:  I tried explored and unexplored wormholes, but does not seem to be linked.  At this time if feels like 30% of my wormhole travel causes the client to stop.  

Ship Blueprint Number = 2705
Emperor Garr CIZYH
Berthed Aboard XIZZJ

EDIT...   Crashes may not be wormhole related.   Client just closed on me while constructing new city.
Traveled and built many items today with no issues today. Not sure why the client was closing/crashing on me yesterday. I did install a .Net Win10 patch last night and rebooted. Perhaps like anything with Microsoft... when in doubt, reboot.

We can close this thread as I have no other troubleshooting avenues open to me unless others experience the same issue.

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