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Unable To Enter Game
If you are unable to enter the game, please post in this topic. It will get quick attention.

Your post will be removed when I think the problem is resolved. Please repost if it persists after that.

Typical causes:
  • A server is trapped, awaiting my attention. A runtime debugger traps problems in the servers. A trapped server becomes unresponsive until I attend to it, which could take awhile if it happens during off hours.
  • The servers were just restarted and they are not ready yet. The server status page may show this.
  • The servers are down. The server status page will report this.
I check this topic a lot. Login problems get fixed ASAP.
I think the server my characters Shagglehod and Shinda were on is crashed, unable to log in. Shagglehod's ID is WKARLQD, Shinda's is MXZTVQD
I think the latest update has yet to be pushed to the launcher. It doesn't update my game when I open it, but when I try to enter the game, I get a login failure telling that my version of the client is incompatible to the server.
Update wasnt pushed to clients, preventing logging in
Latest client/server/laucher update is dated 30.01.19
I'm trying to login but it perpetually keeps me on the loading screen and never actually loads
Still the same issue even after the update. The warp / loading screen loads in, and there are red lights in the top right (Download / streaming?) constantly playing. It never ends.

Not had this issue before yesterday.
No idea what I did. I was building a colony on a frigid world. The game froze. Upon reloading, the game crashes before entering the scene. This is different from limbo, where you just get the spinning forever. The spinning stops as if it has loaded, but then the application freezes and crashes.
Anicus UCBBXFD is the affected character. I am able to enter the game as a character that is in another system. I am unable to test entering the system anicus is in with another character as all other characters are in a different galaxy and no (quick) way to reach said problem system.

I am now able to enter the game. I will update if this changes in the future.

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