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Been gone for a while some questions about the new designer.
(03-26-2020, 06:44 PM)Norway174 Wrote:
(02-17-2020, 06:32 PM)Xantheose Wrote: Best way to make a ship, make your hull with a 3d editor:

That's only half the work. And arguably the easier half. You can make a hull simple enough in the editor.
The difficulties are the interior, and all of that other stuff. Like, windows, doors, landing gears, collisions, ramps... Etc...
Yep. The worst part being voids, posts and weapons / engineer stations.

But if you keep things simple, doors, windows, ramps and landing gears are easy to setup. Just make them already separate meshes, and when you import (on 3ds) you just have to select your part and make it a window / door etc.

Why 3ds ? BecauseĀ each different "object" on blender will be imported as a part. So if you have 14 objects (hull parts, rooms, doors, windows etc) there will be 14 parts imported inside the SoH designer.
STL only import one single part. Good for simple buildings, not for spacecrafts or anything requiring interior mesh.

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