Shores of Hazeron

Pope King Gargolax XYCRHRD
Berthed Aboard Adrizan
Home Capitol at 149.86°E 16.07°S on Pope Centauri Ia
On Line No
On Line Time 5 days, 5 hours, 23 minutes
Stories Started 4
Stories Completed 3

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Captain600 City Planner592
Driver13 EV Suit35
Engineer7 Exobiology3
Fire Control3 Forage275
Handcraft36 Helmsman82
Navigator1 Pilot55
Sensors5 Space Exploration27
Squad Leader120 Transporter1

Aerial Omnivorous Furrian
Species Dope Pope
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Sat Jan 26 15:33:28 2019 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Health 40 of 40
Stamina 111 of 111
Hunger 38 of 80
Children Conceived 2
Children Born 1

The Confederacy of Evil Popes
The Confederacy of Evil Popes FlagLeader Pope King Gargolax
Reputation 99
Credit Limit 9,950,000¢
Government Target Value 2,000,000¢
Domain Governed By Pope King Gargolax