Shores of Hazeron

Baron Ea Sparis RXVEWLD
Berthed Aboard ISWOYLD
Home Apartment at 0.58°E 0.72°N on Satum Beta Ib
On Line No
On Line Time 1 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes
Stories Started 2
Stories Completed 2

SkillLevel SkillLevel
Captain292 City Planner115
Driver56 EV Suit3
Fire Control15 Forage4
Handcraft5 Helmsman11
Navigator1 Sensors1
Space Exploration2 Squad Leader3

Omnivorous Furrian
Lineage Avatar
Decanted Thu Jun 7 05:06:51 2018 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Health 34 of 34
Stamina 35 of 175
Hunger 0 of 68

Republic of Richor
Republic of Richor FlagLeader Emperor Zante Tox
Reputation 11
Credit Limit 1,150,000¢
Government Target Value
Domain Governed By Baron Ea Sparis