Shores of Hazeron


Empire Roostaria Flag

Cardinal S'kwa HLLGBOD
Empire Empire Roostaria
High Perch B'ckaw
Reputation 0
Credit Limit 50,000ยข
Experience 100

Government Target Value 0
Domain Governed By Cardinal S'kwa
Veil of Targoss

Last Modified Sat Dec 15 04:40:11 2018 GMT
On Line No
On Line Time 26 minutes

Stories Started 1
Stories Completed 0

Specie Roostar, Aerial Omnivorous Avian
Lineage Demiavatar
Born Fri Nov 30 03:30:08 2018 GMT
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Health 17 of 17
Stamina 175 of 175
Hunger 57 of 34

Stations Operated
StationMinutesHighest Quality
Captain's Chair on Spacecraft8MinQ 133
Helm on Spacecraft1MinQ 133

Spacecraft Command

Mission Orders Issued 3
Squad Orders Issued 3


TypeHighest QualityUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
HandsQ 872

TypeBought CargoSold CargoBought InventorySold InventoryCrafted At IndustryCrafted By HandForagedEver In InventoryHighest QualityUses On OthersUses On SelfUses As WeaponKills Using ItemKilled By Item
CrateYQ 226
GigacellYQ 156
Laser PistolYQ 170112
Laser RifleYQ 16921
Magmium KnifeYQ 163
Magmium Power ArmorYQ 170
Magmium Power Armor HelmetYQ 1721


Wild Creatures
TypeKilled S'kwaS'kwa KilledDNA SampledSpecies NamedSpecies Studied
Omnivorous Avian2