Shores of Hazeron


Hognose_Gatherer by Jack's Test Hominid

This vessel uses the OCF Hognose hull, and packs it with an atmospheric condensor, a prospector bay, and a siphon bay. Useful for early game resource aquisition.

Minimum Manufacture Quality 1
Estimated Cost 9,979,000¢ Using Q1 Components
Landing Orientation: Land on Belly, with +Z Up

Metal Q1 Construction
Unarmored Absorbs 9%+9hp Damage
Framework 28% of Structure
136,665m³ Volume
163m Length
90m Width
32m Height
18,663,967kg Mass
16,160,598kg Equipment
280,000kg Fuel
2,223,369kg Hull
Model Size
6,675 Faces
12,922 Triangles

25,000m³ Maneuver Drive
Rocket Drive Module Q1
188m/sec² Acceleration
30m/sec² Vertical Acceleration
Power Consumption
0.4694 Terawatts Idling: Life Support, Maneuver Drive, Sensor Powered On.
0.4694 Terawatts Holding: Life Support, Sensor Powered On. Maneuver Drive Holding.
25,000m³ Capacitor
Capacitor Module Q1
Storage 3,103.83 Terajoules.
10,000m³ Power Plant
Hydrogen Power Plant Module Q1
Ouput 107.29 Terawatts
Capacitor Fill Time 29 sec While Idling
2,000m³ FTL Drive
Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module Q1, Part Id 38
1,631m³ Sufficient to Engage
Polarities: Positive, Negative
249.31 Terajoules to Engage

4,000m³ Fuel Cell
141,258 Units of Hydrogen (H²)
10.3 days at 13,712.02 Units H² per Real Day Idling
34.8 days at 4,055.67 Units H² per Real Day Holding

Command And Control Module Q1
Command Console, Part Id 33
Command Console, Part Id 34
Command Console, Part Id 35
Engineer Console 1, Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module, Part Id 38
Fire Control Console 1, Atmosphere Condenser Bay Module, Part Id 37
Fire Control Console 2, Prospector Bay Module, Part Id 285
Fire Control Console 3, Siphon Bay Module, Part Id 286
Helm Console, Part Id 36
Navigator Console, Part Id 39
Power Relay Console, Part Id 40
Sensor Console, Sensor Module, Part Id 41
Service Panels
Capacitor Service Panel, Part Id 261
FTL Drive Service Panel, Part Id 262
Life Support Service Panel, Part Id 263
Maneuver Drive Service Panel, Part Id 264
Power Plant Service Panel, Part Id 265
Sensor Service Panel, Part Id 266
Weapon Service Panel, Part Id 267
Status Displays
Alert Status, Part Id 254
Alert Status, Part Id 256
Alert Status, Part Id 269
Mission Status, Part Id 272
World Map, Part Id 260
World Map, Part Id 273
500m³ Life Support
Life Support Gravity Module Q1
10,000m³ Sensor
Sensor Module Q1
System Range 8,041,398m Coverage Radius
20.0pc Warp Signature Detection Range if Equipped with Warp FTL Drive

Bay 37, 5,000m³
Atmosphere Condenser Bay Module Q1
Range 7,474m
Harvest 310u at 3,737m
Capacitor Adequate for 4 Consecutive Shots at Full Power
Bay 285, 5,000m³
Prospector Bay Module Q1
Range 7,474m
Harvest 310u at 3,737m
Capacitor Adequate for 4 Consecutive Shots at Full Power
Bay 286, 5,000m³
Siphon Bay Module Q1
Range 7,474m
Harvest 310u at 3,737m
Capacitor Adequate for 4 Consecutive Shots at Full Power

8 Crew Stations
2 Guards

1 Capt Berths
4 Officer Berths
8 Crew Berths
2 Troop Berths
375 Cryo Berths

5,000m³ Storage Space
Room for 58,857 Commodities
Room for 43 TEUs

57,135 Total Hit Points
44,854 Structure Hit Points
27,456 Framework
710 Fuel Cell
887 Hold
15,801 Hull
12,281 Equipment Hit Points
11 Command and Control
3,448 Maneuver Drive
274 Life Support
1,379 Power Plant
1,379 Sensor
2,067 Weapon
275 FTL Drive
3,448 Capacitor

Estimated Build Time 3 hours, 13 minutes, 52 seconds.
690 Air
11 Computer
32,805 Electronic Part
69 Grav Coupling
3,449 Large Rocket Motor
276 Lumenite
18,725 Mechanical Part
26,534 Metal
10,363 Plastic
110 Textiles
Atmosphere Condenser Bay Module Patent
Capacitor Module Patent
Command And Control Module Patent
Fitting Wrench
Glue Gun
Hydrogen Power Plant Module Patent
Life Support Gravity Module Patent
Metal Hull Patent
Prospector Bay Module Patent
Rocket Drive Module Patent
Screw Driver
Sensor Module Patent
Sewing Needle
Siphon Bay Module Patent
Soldering Iron
Wormhole PN FTL Drive Module Patent
2 Stars from One Review

Sun Dec 15 21:01:02 2019 GMT
Deantwice YZSCOE
Rocket-drive ship with a gravity life-support system. This seems pointless and silly.