Shores of Hazeron

Missile Silo 7L

Missile Silo 7L by Haxus
46m³ Commodity Storage, 541 Units
1 Weapon Bays
Intended Use Military Weapon System
Military Weapon System

Stone Q1 Construction
Armor 4 Absorbs 18% 91hp Damage
Framework 0% of Structure
Frigid Land Ok
Frigid Sea Bottom Ok
Inadequate for Gas Giant Sea Bottom
Inferno Land Ok
Sea Bottom Ok
5,058m³ Volume
41m Length
42m Width
12m Height
Model Size
622 Faces
1,176 Triangles

Fire Control Console 1, Weapon Launcher Bay Module, Part Id 20

Bay 20, 4,000m³
Weapon Launcher Bay Module Q1
7 Launchers
Targeting Range 23,317m
Example Launching Large Rocket Bl Thud Flawed Q1
One Rocket Damage 225-900hp, 27m Radius
Full Volley of 7 Damage 1,569-6,300hp, 27m Radius
Example Launching Large Missile Bl Thumper Flawed Q1
One Missile Damage 180-810hp, 25m Radius
Full Volley of 7 Damage 1,254-5,670hp, 25m Radius

4,006 Total Hit Points
3,454 Structure Hit Points
31 Commodity Storage
3,423 Hull
552 Equipment Hit Points
1 Command and Control
551 Weapon

Estimated Build Time 17 minutes, 52 seconds.
1 Computer
554 Electronic Part
552 Heavy Weapon
1,105 Mechanical Part
1,104 Metal
1 Plastic
957 Stone
1 Textiles
Glue Gun
Screw Driver
Sewing Needle
Soldering Iron
Torque Wrench